Across The Floor Dance Centre in Mississauga

We offer KinderDance, KinderGym, Ballet, Jazz, HipHop, Acro, Tap, Lyrical/Contemporary and Technique Classes.

A new, innovative Mississauga dance centre. We believe that every dancer has potential. That through passion, discipline and the pursuit of excellence, every dancer will develop the skills and personal character needed to achieve great heights.

We offer a high standard of dance education to all ages and abilities, while ensuring that students still have fun!

We believe every dancer should experience a sense of achievement, pride and self- confidence that they can take with them to the other areas of their lives!

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Across The Floor Dance Classes

Our staff consists of working professionals, who come from extensive dance training, combined with the knowledge of what’s fresh in the choreography world. This enables our dancers to be trained with time-honored techniques and be on the pulse of what’s hot in the dance world.


This is a unique class for your mini-dancers in training! Appropriate for ages 4-6yrs, this one-hour class will include ballet, jazz and tap, and keep every youngster engaged while learning the technical basics of these 3 dance styles, all the while having fun!


This is a great class for any youngster between 4-6yrs, who believes they are part monkey!! This class incorporates gymnastic skills and movements, all while using fun games to teach focus & discipline, and increase strength & flexibility.


Ballet is considered the foundation of all dance styles. Our classes focus on the Vagonova technique, a training system designed to involve the whole body in every movement, with equal attention paid to the upper body, legs and feet. This technique increases consciousness of the body, creating a harmony of movement and greater expressive range.


This is an energetic dance form that will focus on dancers gaining more physical strength and technique, while they achieve personal dance style.


This is an urban dance style that incorporates modern moves with R&B and popular music.  Here students will learn to pop, lock, and generally have fun, while gaining the strength and style needed to throw it down!


Acro is a combination of gymnastic and acrobatic skills, creating a dance style that increases each dancers’ core strength, flexibility, and balance, all while gaining the confidence to learn and achieve skills such as aerials, tumbling passes, and much more!


This is a time honored technique that uses sounds produced from the feet to enhance and also create the rhythms and beats in music.


These dance styles incorporate movements based in ballet and jazz, with touches of the modern influence. This is a very expressive dance form that enables dancers to dig deep into their emotions and portray the dance story through their physical expressions and movement. Here dancers will increase their strength, flexibility, and push the boundaries of their physical expression.

Technique Classes

We offer a variety of technique-only classes (Stretch & Strength, Leaps & Turns, and Technical Progressions). Here the focus is on the fundamentals needed in order to train effectively in all the dance styles.

Throughout his professional dance career, Joseph has had the opportunity to teach master classes in Hip-Hop, Jazz and Ballet in Detroit (Dance Dynamic and Sherry’s Performing Arts School), Buffalo (Clark Academy of Dance), and Columbia (SC) for Southern Strut.

Joseph Perez, Studio Director

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Whether you’re a KinderKid or an advanced dancer, we offer a variety of classes for all ages & all levels ‐ from beginner to professional!


Each class is structured to ensure every student is given individual attention and motivation ‐ all while having fun!


Our staff consists of professional dancers with extensive teaching experience.


We are a modern, spacious facility with 2 large dance studios equipped with sprung floors.

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